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Overall Rating : 6.8

  • Easy to Use :  7/10

  • Quality of Conversion :  8/10

  • Speed of Conversion :  8/10

  • Preview of Conversion :  6/10

  • Formats Converted :  6/10

  • Help/Support :  6/10

Product Details

  • Manufacturer : YouTube2Video

  • Version : Video Converter

  • Price : $19.95 USD

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Cheap Clomid Online, Youtube2Video Converter allows you to easily batch download and convert FLV format videos from YouTube and Google video. Download and convert YouTube video clips into AVI, MPEG, Progesteron level 20.7 after clomid, WMV, 3GP, iPod, FLV and PSP video formats, triplett clomid. With the Youtube2Video Converter, you can search, Clomid no period, download and convert your favorite video clips from Youtube and watch them when you like.

Our Review of YouTube2Video

Right from the opening window, you get the impression that YouTube2Video could use an update. But first impressions aside - let's look at what's going on here.

YouTube2Video opens to your entire screen with YouTube - the whole site - in a lower frame

YouTube2Video opens to your entire screen with YouTube - the whole site - in a lower frame, clomid online donated. Three main buttons are in the upper left: Browser, Converter, Files, Cheap Clomid Online. Browser is the window where you surf and download YouTube videos; Converter is the window where you convert those videos; Files is the window listing your downloaded YouTube videos. Navigating between them is as simple as clicking your mouse. Tanning beds while taking clomid, Getting videos from YouTube to your computer is a basic 2-step process: download, then convert.

Downloading/Browser - this is the window where you surf YouTube like you normally do. Cheap Clomid Online, When you find a video to download [meaning its playing on YouTube in front of you] hit the big blue "Download Video" button to the right of the URL address bar at the top. Instantly, clomid no prescription overnight shipping, you'll see the Youtube video file downloading by number of bytes in real time under the address bar, as well as in the downloading FLV progress menu to the right. Rate of multiples using clomid, Converting - When you've downloaded all the YouTube videos you want, just hit the "Converter" button at the top or the "Next" button in the lower right hand corner - and you'll be in the converter window. All your YouTube videos are listed generically as YouTube2Video flv files.

The pull-down menu in the lower right hand corner is where you select what format/device you want the YouTube video converted to, conceiving with clomid. No iPhone or BlackBerry settings - you have to know the exact format you want for those, Cheap Clomid Online. There are settings for iPod [.mp4], Zune, Emotional on clomid, PSP, DVD, VCD, SVCD, frequency of twins on clomid, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, Clomid days 7-11 twins, QT [.mov], AVI, WMV, 3GP, clomid 200 mg, FLV, RM and WAV. Buy clomid on line without prescription, Some format settings are limited to pre-sets, ie. there is only 1 iPod setting of 320X240. Same for Zune, using clomid with normal ovulation, PSP, etc. Cheap Clomid Online, Other settings such as WMV, AVI or 3GP give you a little more flexibility in choosing codecs. Buy clomid in japan, But let's face it, this isn't what most of us want. Most of us want a variety of pre-sets for our specific device, ie, clomid cancer. iPhone H.264 or MPEG-4, 320 or 480, Cervical clomid mucus, etc. The YouTube2Video menu is a throwback to before the explosion of iPods and smartphones. And for that, it suffers, Cheap Clomid Online.

Once you've chosen your format setting, just highlight a downloaded YouTube file and hit the big blue "Convert" button, clomid no prescription fed ex shipping. A familiar little window pops asking you to name your file and pick a place on your computer where you want it to go. The second you're done that, Clomid breast soreness, YouTube2Video does the conversion - quite fast actually.

Some critical points: YouTube2Video has a problem with HD YouTube video in that it doesn't recognize it as a wide-screen and so it scrunches it into the same old 4:3 standard TV/YouTube aspect ration. Cheap Clomid Online, YouTube2Video also doesn't recognize specific channel partner videos like BBC or Wired. When you try to download, a message box pops up saying there's no video, pregnyl after clomid. Crazy, because there is a video - you're watching it - but YouTube2Video hasn't figured out how to get around YouTube's partner 'no-download' code. Time of ovulation after taking clomid, The conversion job is acceptible - no glitches or audio burps. In trial mode, YouTube2Video inserts a brief "Buy" screen at the head of every video as well as a watermark, and it only converts up to two minutes per video, 50 mg of clomid. YouTube2Video also converts any other FLV file you have on your computer - just click the "Add Video File(s)" button while you're on the Converter page and add them, Cheap Clomid Online. YouTube2Video doesn't care where you got it, all it wants is a FLV file and only a FLV file. Pregnant with twin on clomid, A couple of years ago, the YouTube2Video would have been considered a nice little tool to grab and convert YouTube videos. But in the online video-sharing universe, times change rapidly and expectations rise by the week, taking clomid to get pregnant. Sure it only costs $20 and it'll convert most anything on YouTube. But the little conveniences such as a lack of device pre-sets or not being able to download and convert ANY YouTube video no matter what make this effort dated and slated for the heap. Clomid shipped overnight, If you're gonna drop $20 for this, then drop $29 for the far superior YouTubeGet.

Product Preview

YouTube2Video - Main Interface

Pro's and Con's of YouTube2Video

  • Simple layout

  • Converts to all popular video formats

  • Fast conversion speeds

  • Inexpensive

  • No Mac version

  • YouTube only downloads

  • No trim, crop, merge tools

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Key Features of YouTube2Video

  • Web navigation window to full YouTube site

  • Supports Google video and YouTube

  • Batch downloads

  • Real Time download monitor

  • Fast conversions

File Format Compatibility for YouTube2Video

  • Video Aggregator Site: Downloads fast and easy from YouTube

  • Video File Formats: AVI (DIVX, XVID), MPG (VCD,SVCD,DVD), WMV, MOV, FLV, iPod (MP4), PSP, 3GP with high speed and good image/sound quality

Technical Requirements for YouTube2Video

  • Windows 2000/2003/XP

  • DirectX 9

  • 1000 MHz Intel, AMD CPU or better

  • 512MB RAM or more

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