About Easy Mobile Video

Easy Mobile Video was born in a quest to decipher the ever expanding and converging worlds of video entertainment and mobile devices. Whether it is the explosion of home video recordings and devices, or the sheer amount of online video, or the unbelievable growth and variety of portable devices, we all seem to be sharing one common problem:

How do I get this damn video on my _______?

Fill in the blank above with iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry, PSP or whatever device you have and we're sure you've faced that question. The biggest challenge we face is dealing with all the different video formats out there and finding a way to convert them to a format that works on our portable device. The main point is, we all want to take our video on the go, whether it's a video of our kids that we want to share with family, some crazy viral video we want to share with our friends, or a few movies to watch on that long car ride or flight. So we went out looking for solutions and advice and what we found was a total mess - hundreds of different video converters at a wide range of prices and conflicting, complicated advice on how to get it onto our phones. Since we couldn't find a clear, comprehensive solution, we created one - Easy Mobile Video! It is the single most important site online dealing with getting DVDs and videos onto mobile devices, whether that's a mobile phone, cell phone or portable player. We review it, we rate it, we rank it, we recommend it - that's it. You're guaranteed to find a solution for your mobile video needs on Easy Mobile Video. All our best, The EMV Team P.S. Get in touch with us below if we can be of further assistance